Our Mission

We want to connect the metaverse to real-life. That means creating blockchain applications which will integrate real-world logistics into its DNA.

Our Story

We've been in the tech industry for over 12 years, observing and tinkering with hardware and software just out of curiosity. We've also been in the eCommerce space for over 5 years, creating brands and fine-tuning logistics.

When we decided to put tech and eCommerce together, we realized that the secret sauce to making something unique and sustainable is blockchain technology.

The immense potential that blockchain has to offer can create thriving, fair, and transparent real-world applications. That is where we're headed.

We started by creating web2 applications. Then we created and assisted brands in creating their presence, managing inventory, fulfillment, and the A-Z of eCommerce.

Then we started creating web3 applications infused with eCommerce brands. We are building our own system of product sourcing, development, and fulfillment - infused with web3.

Our goal is to create a bridge between the web3 world (popularly referred to as the metaverse) and the real-world.

You can't strip people away from a digital life to show the value of real-life. We're trying to show the value of real-life by integrating digital life into it.

Our Future