We Build Web3 Applications

Connecting the metaverse with reality is our mission

Blockchain & Logistics

We are not just a blockchain company. Real-world applications such as product sourcing, inventory, and fulfillment are also part of our mission.

Combining blockchain with real-world logistics opens up entirely new possibilities.

NFT Collections

Helped build NFT collections with $55M+ in market cap.

Real-World Logistics

We work with 3PL companies to integrate product fulfillment for our projects.

Hybrid Apps

Implemented NFT-gated access and ownership verification technology for established web2 companies.


As our flagship product, we're building a marketplace that combines blockchain & eCommerce.

This will enable seamless integration into the real-world for NFT projects that would love to offer physical incentives to their holders.

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Our Progress


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Accelerator Program

Our Clients

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Our Vision

We want to connect the metaverse to real-life. To do that, we need to have a robust system for blockchain applications to connect to real-world logistics.

We are fine-tuning the framework through our genesis project NFTxPUFFER, where you get 1 NFT + 1 Puffer Jacket when you mint.

Support us at our journey, and you will be rewarded as we grow.